Constitution and Bylaws



The Geobiology Society will be a non-profit international society formed to advance the science of geobiology. The Society will:

  • foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas between geobiologists worldwide;

  • promote the study of geobiology as a core Earth and life science discipline for the 21st century;

  • enhance scientific communication by means of publications, lectures, meetings and collaboration with other relevant societies;

  • support and encourage young scientists entering the field of geobiology;

  • promote a diverse and inclusive geobiological community;

  • encourage the development and use of new analytical techniques; and

  • promote the relevance of geobiology to society at large. 




The society shall be known as the Geobiology Society (GBS).



1. The object of the GBS shall be to promote the science of geobiology by fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas between students, faculty and professional researchers in the distinct fields of biology, microbiology, geology, paleontology, stratigraphy, geochemistry, and other allied disciplines. The society will support and encourage young scientists and promote a diverse and inclusive geobiological community, develop new analytical techniques, and promote the relevance of geobiology to society.​​

2. The GBS is a non-profit organization and no portion of the financial assets will be used to the benefit of any private member or individual. The affairs of the GBS shall at all times be managed in such a way as to preserve and safeguard its tax-exempt status.



1. The GBS shall be composed of Student Members, Professional Members, and Honorary Fellows.

2. Members shall be persons whose professional activities are consistent with the objectives of the GBS.

3. Honorary Fellows shall be persons of distinguished achievement in a scientific discipline of significance to the GBS. They shall enjoy all privileges of members, and hereinafter are included in all references to “members.” A majority vote of the Executive Committee shall be required for both nomination and election as Honorary Members.

4. Candidates for membership shall make application to the Secretary. Upon approval thereof by the Executive Committee, the Secretary shall notify the applicant of their acceptance.


1. Executive authority of the GBS is vested in an Executive Committee consisting of four members (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) selected from the Board of Directors. A majority quorum will be required for any changes to the constitution or by-laws of the society.

2. The initial Board of Directors will be composed of the Founding Board. Subsequent appointments will be made through a general election of all members of the GBS.

3. Standing committees shall include at least one member of the Board of Directors.

4. The President shall discharge the usual duties of a president as well as act as presiding officer at all meetings of the GBS and Board of Directors. He/she shall appoint advisors and form ad-hoc committees to carry out the activities of the society. 

5. The President-elect shall assume the duties of the President in the year following his/her election to this office. He/she shall assume the duties of the President in the case of absence or disability of the latter.

6. The Vice-President shall organize meetings associated with the GBS. In the event that neither the President nor President-elect is available to serve as the presiding officer of the society, the Vice-President shall assume the President’s duties.

7. The Secretary shall keep records of the proceedings of the society and a complete list of the membership. He/she shall oversee the management of the website and other social media. He/she shall manage all records necessary to the business of the society.

8. The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the society. He/she shall keep account of receipts and disbursements, and submit the account at the end of each fiscal year for approval by the Board of Directors.​

9. The Board of Directors shall consider all candidates for membership and pass on the qualifications of the applicants; shall have control and management of the affairs and funds of the GBS; and shall designate the time and place of the Biennial Meeting and other meetings.​​

10. In the event that positions on the Board of Directors are vacated, excluding the Presidency, and providing that the vacancies occur with sufficient time to make such action practical, the Executive Committee, acting in the capacity of a nominating committee, shall select a candidate for each vacated position from the membership. The secretary shall prepare and send out an email ballot to the membership. In the meantime, the Executive Committee may, if deemed necessary, make interim appointments to vacated positions.


1. The GBS shall hold at least one stated business meeting every other year, which shall be known as the Biennial Meeting. The Biennial Meeting will be held at the Geobiology Society biennial meeting.

2. Special meetings may be held at other times on call of the President.

3. At the time of the Annual Meeting, a Business Meeting shall be held for the transaction of GBS business. 


This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of returned ballots received by the Secretary within thirty (30) days after proposal of amendments is communicated to the membership. Any proposed amendments must have the approval of a majority of the Executive Committee before being submitted to the membership.





1. The operations of the GBS will be based, in part, on conference registration and membership dues.  The registration costs shall be set by the Board of Directors and shall place the majority of the burden on professional members, with some nominal fees for student members.

2. Additional funds to support the GBS shall be solicited from governmental and private sources. Prior to requesting funds, the President shall inform the Board of Directors of the pending request.

3. The annual dues of members of the GBS shall be set by the Board of Directors. The initial fees will be based on a median value of similar societies.

4. A bill for dues shall be emailed to each member as of September 1 of each year. Members who have not paid their annual dues by December 31 of the same year shall be dropped from the membership rolls.

5. Members dropped for non-payment of dues may be reinstated upon payment.

6. Honorary Fellows shall not be required to pay annual dues.


1. The president shall appoint a nominating committee at least three months prior to a Business Meeting consisting of four (4) members of the GBS. The nominating committee shall select at a minimum two (2) candidates for any Board of Director position that is vacated. The nominating committee will read its report at a Business Meeting. Other nominations will be accepted from the floor or by mail.

2. After all candidates have been nominated, the secretary will prepare a ballot and send it to the membership via publication on the society website. Receipt of a plurality of votes cast for any office shall constitute election.


1. All funds of the GBS shall be used exclusively for the furtherance of its objectives in keeping with its non-profit status.

2. In the event of the dissolution of the GBS, the assets remaining, after discharge of all liabilities, shall go to another non-profit scientific organization. Under these circumstances, no member of the Society shall have any right or interest in the assets of the society.



1. The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of returned mail ballots received by the Secretary within thirty (30) days after proposal of amendments is emailed to the membership. Any proposed changes must have the prior majority approval of the Board of Directors.